Blank & Jones. Mark Reeder – Reordered | VÖ 30.10.2009

Reordered Cover BLANK & JONES. Mark Reeder – Reordered. Reordered. That’s the name of one of 2009’s most interesting and unique records. On the face of it, it may seem like just another collaboration album. A bunch of songs remixed to squeeze every last drop of sale’s potential out of something which has been on the market for months. But that’s not the case here. It’s not a covers album, it’s not a remix album. So what is it? Well, we’ll come to that in a moment. First, consider the calibre of the artists involved with this record. No, not the guest vocalists – although the presence of The Cure’s Robert Smith, New Order’s Bernard Sumner and Anne Clark to name but a handful should already excite enough interest – the people behind the album.

Blank & Jones – and Mark Reeder.

Blank & Jones has been a well-known blip on the German electronic music radar for more than a decade now. The Cologne-based artists are made up of Piet Blank and Jaspa Jones – both DJs and musicians – with, in the studio, the production plus of Andy Kaufhold, who have a healthy swag of eight LPs and more than 25 singles under their belts since they rode into the national consciousness on the wave of trance back in 1995.

1. A Forest (Schwarzwald Mix) Featuring Robert Smith
2. Heart Of Wax (Heart Of Crystal Mix) Featuring Vanessa Daou
3. Loneliness (Alone In The Dark Mix) Fturing Bobo
4. Consequences (Resultant Mix) Featuring Vanessa Daou
5. The Hardest Heart (Heart & Soul Mix) Featuring Anne Clark
6. Miracle Cure (Genussmittel Remix) Featuring Bernard Sumner
7. Manifesto (Save Yourself Mix) Featuring Vanessa Daou
8. So Cold (Ice Cold On Alex Mix) Featuring Trademark
9. Unknown Treasure (You Shall Be Free Mix) Featuring Claudia Brücken
10. Perfect Silence (Perfect Moment Mix) Featuring Bobo
11. Where You Belong (You Can Run Mix) Featuring Bobo
12. Revealed (Overexposed Mix) Featuring Steve Klibey
13. Mind Of The Wonderful (Mastermind Mix) Featuring Elles

Blank & Jones. Mark Reeder – Reordered
VÖ: 30. Oktober 2009
Format: CD und Online
Label: Soundcolours | LC: 15651

Blank & Jones Online

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